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Review: JHS VCR Multi-effect pedal

This three-in-one pedal will instantly give you that classic retro vibe

The 80's and 90's. Two decades of debauchery, revolution, and incredible music.   From glam to grunge, spandex to plaid, it was a time when vinyl and VHS tapes ruled the home entertainment center. What is it about the music at that time that was just so good? Why are we still constantly trying to emulate the sounds of yesteryear? There are many ways of going about getting that big synthetic sound, but sometimes, things can get a bit messy if you aren't careful. What if there was an all-in-one solution that, from the moment you turn it on, you're instantly taken back to the sunset strip '87, or patiently waiting for your VHS tape to rewind fully. 

Retro to the bone, the JHS VCR

Retro to the bone, the JHS VCR

Good news, there is! The team at JHS, a small boutique guitar pedal company that handmakes all of their gear, has teamed up with indie icon Ryan Adams and his record label PAX-AM, to bring you just such a thing. Dubbed the 'VCR', it's a three-in-one pedal that could be your solution for a simple yet effective effect chain, without taking up space or breaking your bank. Right out of the box, it screams video tapes and predictions of flying cars. But does it sound as good as it looks? Can it really walk the talk? Or...whatever that saying is...find out below!

Price: $269 

Instant vintage sound
Looks great
Chorus is nice and lush

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Slight buzzing if not using correct power supply
Reverb is mono only

Final Score: 9/10

As a bonus, here are the two videos I mentioned in the review. First up, is how it sounds via a guitar being played through it.

Second, this is Ryan Adams' cover of 'Wonderwall' by Oasis. It's fucking chilling. 

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