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Keeno's Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - May 25, 2017 - The Bristol Massive Edition

Med School's Keeno breaks down the top 10 Bristol themed tunes to get you pumped up in the lead up to Hospitality's Bristol BBQ XL edition - all dials set to swelter!

The Hospitality Bristol BBQ XL edition has all dials set to swelter. Just how we like it!!

Anyone who has partaken in a Hospitality BBQ knows what's in store - beats, beers, bbq (obvs) and basssssss. 

Saturday, the 10th of June @ Motion in Bristol from 12pm to 10pm. 

Three spaces will be in action and this will be a chance to catch the London Elektricity Big Band Live, as well as local folk such as Bristolian ledge, Roni Size, alongside S.P.Y, Hugh Hardie, and Keeno going B2B with Etherwood - which let's face it, should be vibacious. I deem this unmissable.

Today we're very lucky to have, in recognition of all things Bristol, Bristolian Keeno (extremo) in the house to break down the best 10 from his home base.

Check a listen while you purchase tickets to the best flippin' day of your summer.

Over to you Keeno!

"Dusty Keys" - Hugh Hardie [Hospital Records]

Hugh's new music sums up everything I love about Bristol's DnB scene - here's my pick of the LP. Piano vibes.

"Enigma" - Keeno [Med School]

Written in Bristol in 2016. :)

"Discover" - Ill Truth [Symmetry Recordings]

Ill Truth are doing some amazing things lately and this is no exception. Classic funk driven drum and bass with stripped back beats and a detailed bassline - always a winning formula.

"Alone In The Dark" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

S.P.Y's output since moving to Bristol has been epic. I remember hearing this for the first time at a Collective night here in Bristol on a Thursday and it blew me away - what a wicked switch up.

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"Free Your Mind" - Break ft. MC Fats [Symmetry Recordings]

Break has been putting out great drum and bass for years here in Bristol as well as supporting the new talent coming through. This remix he's done of his own tune was the standout moment for me from the "10 Years of Symmetry" album. I love that it's a completely different vibe to the original tune, as well.

"Solar Meditation" - Phaction

Brand new Bristol music from up-and-coming artist, Phaction! The detail and progression in this song is what I appreciate most - there's not a lot of DnB being written like this at the moment.

"Wonder What It Feels Like"  - DLR ft. Break [Dispatch Recordings]

A production masterclass from Bristol Collective titans DLR & Break. The drums in this tune stand out for me - it proves to me that the beats don't always need to be over-exaggerated in order to be effective. I use this song as a reference for kick/sub-balance when mixing down my own tunes, too!

"Elmhurst Dub" - Breakage [CIA Records]

I think Breakage is actually from London but this tune just screams Bristol-style to me and I've heard it played out by many DJs here. I have a lot of respect for producers who can make a simple bassline/break combination sound really full and tight and this is a prime example of this done very well.

"B.R.I.S.T.O.L" - Danny Byrd ft. MC Risky [Hospital Records]

I couldn't not include this tune. A classic from Danny & Risky. Someone requested this tune during a b2b2b with Etherwood & Royalston when I was on tour in Australia as the lad was from Bristol. Needless to say, it went off and he went home with a big old smile on his face.

"Dawn" - Culprate [Open Outlets]

Another Bristol creation but this time from someone who usually doesn't write DnB: Culprate. The sound design in this is incredible and it's definitely a fresh take on the DnB sound. You can hear the funk/stripped-back vibes here that Break/DLR/Total Science are doing so well at right now. For me, it's the second drop's low, wobbly bassline sounds that really make this tune - pure ear candy. 

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