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Stream: khésis 'Boy' ep [nite records]

Smooth basslines and sultry vocals lay the foundation for this summer bringing EP

As crazy as it is to say, summer is basically here. That means beach days, long nights, and smooth as silk house music. Although, here's to hoping the male romper won't be making too many appearances...anyways... The feeling one gets when thinking of summer and house music is generally one of easy, laid-back vibes, the sun shining, and drink in hand. Providing you with an appetizer to get you going, Khésis has released a three-track EP on Nite Records, entitled 'Boy'.

The title track, 'Boy', is exactly what you'd want to hear in the described scenario above. Sexy and seductive vocals laid gently over a smooth-as-eggs bassline, with a subdued synth line that reminds you of some old Dirty Vegas. The second track. 'Haste', carries the vibe on, but with a slight pick up of energy and with a more prominent synth layer. Rounding it out is 'Gerle', a less percussive and more bassline focused track with a simple top line that helps carry the energy of the track without taking over. 

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