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Legal Marijuana Sales Stacked Up Against Beer, Junk Food, Movie Tickets, and More

Projected that the industry could blow up to be worth 45 billion.

Marijuana Business Daily has examined how legal Marijuana sales are currently placing when inspected against other commonly purchased items, including ice cream, cigarettes, frozen pizza, music streaming platform subscriptions, and more. 

Results indicate that legal sales in 2016 for cannabis ranked higher than Viagra/Cialis, tequila, and Girl Scout cookies, whiler lower than cigarettes and the movie ticket sales industry. However, this changes when the total demand for cannabis in the entirety of the US is projected and stacked against other industries. In other words- cannabis is a booming business that's only going to be bigger in the coming months and years ahead. For those looking for another reason to create a pro-marijuana business, this might be the final nudge you need. 

More information on the new findings can be found here

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