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Union Mystica, out on Cosmic Awakenings, is an EP borne out of a beautiful collaboration between two artists who, in most eras, could not possibly have worked together. Although cut from the same cloth, Discoshaman and Lemurian live worlds apart. It is only due to technology that they have developed what Lemurian describes as a "relationship of vulnerability".

If you've not heard of Splice, the cloud-based music creation platform, it's a serious game-changer. It's only been on the market for a few years, but it's been instrumental in allowing artists to share their works-in-progress and get instant constructive feedback from other producers around the world. We've covered it in depth before, so you should check out that piece if you're interested in getting a more in-depth walkthrough. 

The relevant bit here is that Splice empowered Discoshaman and Lemurian to create this awe-inspiring EP entirely without shared studio time. Filled with home-grown beats that tickle the brain and heal the soul, it's truly incredible that they were able to achieve this level of cohesiveness despite the distance. We tracked down Lemurian to learn a little bit more about the process behind the fascinating EP, along with some more info on Splice. 

But first, the tunes.

Magnetic Magazine: So how did this collaborative EP begin?

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Lemurian: A long time ago, I found Discoshaman on SoundCloud and I messaged him. "Dude, I want to work with you.” He replied back, "Oh if you want to create music with me let’s do it via Splice, this is my profile."

MM: What does the collaboration look like?

Lemurian: Well first off, I can see what plugins and audios he uses . If I don't have them I will purchase them and upgrade my game or will tell him "Dude, can you freeze the track?” Boom.... I can see their composition. We can also write comments like, "Hey, I changed the bass a little bit, right here. I EQ’d this. What do you think about it?" And then, boom... We answer back and forth.

MM: Have you had any hardcore “No”s from either side, yet?

Lemurian: Yeah but we are very gentle because we don't want to hurt our creative sides. First of all, we created a connection by sharing our vulnerabilities. At the same time, there are times when there is no connection and collaboration doesn’t work. We are not always of the same vibe on everything, so sometimes you’ll do one Splice project with someone and that's it.

MM: Outside of the production, what else has this relationship lead to?

Lemurian: It's game changer, bro. I throw most of my events in Miami, but I’m often looking out for which artist is trending in cool different cities. Sometime late last year there was a showcase in Berlin with some friends of mine that I couldn’t make it to. However, Discoshaman went to play instead of me. Once he got there, the three friends who were throwing the showcase were waiting for him with open arms to play together.

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