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LIB Ignites a Festival Evolution with the New Compass Experience

Re-imagined offerings include educational workshops, speakers, and healing experiences.
Compass Experience

Compass Experience

In this age of change and uncertainty we are currently experiencing, the time has come for the festival community to unite and discuss how we can contribute to positive transformation of the world through the life-altering experiences we have at festivals that last well beyond the weekend. Thankfully the Do Lab is leading the way by introducing the brand new Compass Experience at Lightning In a Bottle 2017, a re-imagined offering of the workshops, speakers and experiences LIB has become well known for in the realm of transformational festivals. The new additions to the festival will provide educational opportunities that engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action.

To begin this new chapter, Lightning In A Bottle is introducing The Compass, an evolution of our educational workshops and content offerings. The Compass will bring a renewed focus on connecting activism and grassroots organizing to our core ethos of education, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and cultural respect. To help accomplish this vision we are partnering with a variety of groups who are leaders of social movements and have experience building grassroots movements that create positive change. These content partners will feature speakers and workshops at the festival, as well as offer opportunities throughout the year for our festival community to contribute to their endeavors.” 

-via Lightning In a Bottle site

Points of the compass map

Points of the compass map

The Village and Temple of Consciousness have been retired to make way for the variety of 13 healing and educational areas the Compass Experience will consist of. The main points of the Compass and themes include:

Beacon: Illuminating our world 

Landing: Standing up for our world

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