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Live Streaming: The Power to Take Entertainment to the Next Level

The cord has been cut.

The internet has come a long way since the days of dial-up connections and the slow download of images. These days, the vast pieces of data that can be downloaded in seconds has given us the power of streaming. Whether it be watching our favourite television shows or movies, or even watching people play games, the ability is at our fingertips.

Streaming doesn’t just give us the ability to watch though, it is a way to extend the way we play games ourselves. Playing against real people and being able to see and hear them gives a new form of interactivity that makes the experience even more real, even over an internet connection.

Taking a look at how streaming has changed our lives, we just have to look at the way Netflix and Amazon Prime (for example) have dominated the internet. Now creating their own movies and television experiences, they are taking their battle to Hollywood, and they are being noticed. We have all the movies and television we could ever need instantly available, and we love it.

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When it comes to the impact on gaming, there has been many positive changes through streaming. In online casinos for example we see the use of video streaming to put the croupier on the screen for roulette games where players can pay by mobile casino on-the-go. This not only gives a more interactive experience, but it also allows for a feeling of more credibility if there is a real person involved in the game you are playing.

Gaming though has taken streaming to whole new levels, you just have to look at services like Twitch and YouTube for that. Big eSports events are streamed all over the world to fans eager to see their heroes play the latest game of League of Legends, and many others. If people can compete in it, there is a competition for it. This includes games of poker where high stake games are streamed 24-hours a day.

With the rise of streamed games, we also see gamers being able to show their own gameplay. This may be an eSports player showing off their practicing, or a gamer dreaming of being the next big thing. Recently there has also been a rise of more creative streams that see painters, music makers, and even wannabe-chefs show off their skills to the world. Twitch and YouTube are a way to show off your skills to the world, no matter how good you are.

The internet gets faster each day, and with technology always improving it shows no sign of slowing down. With people making use of these connections and more streams being created all the time, streaming is arguably the future of the internet.

Streaming, just like many other uses of the internet is fast becoming part of our lives, and while it entertains us, it will always remain popular. While we demand more, there will always be more and more content being created, and that will drive the Internet to even higher heights. 

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