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Every Memorial Day weekend the electronic music community comes together to Detroit for one of the most prestigious and legendary festivals on the planet. The Movement Festival is not only a celebration of great music; it's a festival that is celebrating the birthplace of a culture. Without Detroit Techno it's hard to know exactly what would have happened to electronic music, but chances are it wouldn't be nearly as good. 

We've dug into the platform to find tunes that resonate with that profound and electronic Detroit Techno sound. Glistening and deep music that moves your body and your mind at the same time with ease. 

That's one of the things that we love about Detroit Techno, it was created as future music, and now we are here, and it still sounds like it's from "the future." 

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So put the headphones on and listen to these gems that sparkle and recline in your mind like a relaxing meditation session, and remember without Detroit these songs might not exist. 

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