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Make Music With These TR-808 Themed Adidas Shoes

Designed by Neely and Daughters for the “Just for Kicks” creative challenge.

Music and fashion often go hand-in-hand, but in this new design by NYC based creative marketing agency Neely & Daughters, music and fashion might go hand-in-foot. 

The agency has designed a pair of Adidas that can create music based on the TR-808 machine. Featuring volume control and six different pre-programmed settings, the uniquely designed shoes were created as part of a “Just for Kicks” creative challenge. Unfortunately, these are not available for sale, but with a concept this good, we'd seriously push for Adidas to consider making these a reality. 

The shoes are the ultimate dream-come-true for musicians who consider themselves sneakerheads, and while they can't be purchased, knowing these exist has made our day that much better. 

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