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The Miami talents of April have arrived, and like always, we've carefully hand picked solid talents from the sunshine state. Some are up and coming like Prince.L, Dro and Unomas and some are more established like the legendary Oscar G and Fort Lauderdale favorite Adam Foster.

From the upbeat tunes of Middath to the soulful vibes of Dan.K and the minimal techno of Archila & Kevin Castro, we’re showcasing a broad spectrum of electronic music in South Florida. In addition to that, if you like it funky, you will love the latest from Retrasoft & Sex Sells. Isn’t it what techno and House music is all about? As King Solomun said “Because music is much more than one direction!”


Treble EP is the new release by Middath out now on Audiophile rec. The guy has previously signed on Claude Von Stroke's almighty Dirtybird. If you don’t know him it’s about time to catch up. 


It wouldn’t be a proper Miami talents without Oscar G, his latest track “Lit” is out now. The man who held a residency at Space for 10 years is back in full form on his imprint Made in Miami records 

DAN.K & Swanken

Dan.K is part of the new trio project Dsided, featured last month. This time we are really digging the vibes on “Fire in you” featuring original vocals by Emilia Garth. The song is part of a solo EP by a Miami based duo named Swanken.


Unomas is becoming one those artists to watch. Following a massive tune via Toolroom, he is now delivering beats with Armada Deep. Safe and Sound is a collaboration with Daneon feat St Anthony.


Now Florida-based, Prince.L is a talent originating from the Bronx, his latest remix “You know Eye” out now on Typ3 records is a beauty. SpinnZinn on the original did a nice job as well.

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Sam Plesset of the Dudeskywalker trio brings us a disco vibe you don’t wanna miss. His new project is named Retrasoft and “What’s that sound” is available now via Poomclap. The world needs more disco vibes from Sam Plesset, keep up the good work! 


Adam is back on here with his groovy track “Steppin (Erykah Mix)”. We ‘re looking forward to that full vocal Mix coming up soon.


Most fans at Heart Miami know that DJ called Archila. We are glad to have him back on here with “Blue Haze EP” out now on Cedez Music. 


Miami-based Colombian-born Dro has been making some noise in Florida for a while. “Last Words” is clearly one of his best work so far. 

Kevin Castro

Kevin Castro is a regular on our Miami Talent feature. “Meta” is premiered via 8Day Montreal. It’s a techno minimal tune released on Curiosity Music, a new label based out of Paris, France. 


Ran by the trendiest Miami DJ on the planet right now, Jesse Perez…Mr Nice Guy records need no introduction. we picked a great remix by Sex Sells “Freaky Stuff”. New Yorker Eskuche on the original work.

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