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Mix: Ray Sargent Brings Pop-infused Dance Music To Eton Messy Records

Get your Thursday started off right.
get together mix artwork

Ray Sargent is still a pretty new name in the game, but he's been doing some big things for his career already, including track with Shift K3Y on his Nit3 Tales EP as well as producing Ruby Francis' first record, On My Knees. He's now joined Eton Messy Records for their free download series, and the resulting track, "Get Together," had us absolutely floored. 

Today we've got something special for you guys today, and it comes in the form of a special mix that celebrates his latest release. Bringing everything from disco to house to dance music with a pop edge, Sargent's curating skills are as impressive as his production. 

Check out the mix below. Download "Get Together" here

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