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Robert Miles

one of the godfathers of trance... Robert Miles.

If you were avidly in the club and underground scene during the mid-90s, it was hard not to be exposed to the musical genius of Robert Miles. Born Robert Concina, this Swiss-Italian composer, producer, musician and DJ was responsible for the international chart-busting trance single "Children,” that played at every DJ-driven club and/or event across the world during the "Golden Years” of "Electronica.” With its instantly recognizable piano intro, "Children” was a hauntingly magnetic track that even to this day is appreciated by many. After the hit single’s release in 1995, Robert went on to release his debut LP "Dreamland” shortly after (1996), which contained more hits that would cement his music legacy in dance music culture. 

One of my favorite tracks from "Dreamland” was a cover of Polish singer Edyta Górniak’s single "One & One.” Recorded with vocalist, Maria Naylor, the cover version was released a year before Edyta's album release in 1997. Unfortunately Edyta’s original version never truly reached the same success that Dreamland’s cover had achieved, which is often mistaken as being a Robert original.

A year later, "23am” was released with hit single "Freedom,” featuring guest vocalist Kathy Sledge from legendary soul & disco group Sister Sledge ("We Are Family”). This album was riddled with "trip hop” and "tribal” flavors, coupled with Robert’s piano-enriched “dream trance” style.

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These new sounds would ultimately pave the way for his next album release- “Organik” which encompassed strong gritty drum n’ bass beats blanketed with darker trip hop vibes.

Robert Miles - Organik

Robert's 3rd LP release: Organik on S:alt Records

In the following years, two more albums were released under his independent label S:alt Records along with a career segway towards creating movie soundtracks for a few feature releases ("The Bourne Identity” and "City of Ghosts”).

On May 9, 2017, Robert Miles succumbed to a nine-month battle with stage 4 metastatic cancer.

Robert Miles sadly taken from us way too soon.

Robert Miles sadly taken from us way too soon.

It is truly heartbreaking to lose any artist at such a young age, even moreso one that has inarguably been heralded as one of the godfather’s of Trance. Rest in peace Robert...

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