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Nevada Legislators Are Pushing For Blood Tests To Detect Stoned Drivers

This is still not the solution to this growing issue.

While marijuana and cannabis use has started to become accepted, we're still running into the issue of testing users if they are suspected of driving under the influence of cannabis and cannabis-based products. Some strive to push a breathalyzer or urine test, but some Nevada legislators are pushing to require a blood test for suspected drivers and arresting them if the results indicate a blood-THC level of 5 nanograms per milliliter or higher.

Currently, blood tests are the most reliable method for testing blood-THC levels, but it is still not a foolproof method of testing. What is even more worrisome, is that for frequent users, blood-THC levels may be over 5 nanograms even while they are completely sober. 

Las Vegas Sen. Tick Segerblom told reporters: 

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"There's still no proof that those standards mean anything, but at least we're moving to something which is scientifically provable." 

While the need to stop those driving under the influence is absolutely necessary, blood tests do not yet seem to be the exact answer we are looking for. More information is slated to come shortly about whether the legislation passes. 

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