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The infamous masked DJ known only as Malaa played at Analog BKNY last Friday, and it was truly a stunning experience.

Personally, I'd argue that being a masked enigma helps fans enjoy the music more. You're not distracted by who's playing, and it helps the audience enjoy the music to its fullest. I also think it adds a level of mysticism to the act, and we don't have to know every minute detail of the man spinning behind the decks. All I know is that he can absolutely throw down and play a great DJ set, and that's all that matters.

I've always loved the mix between house and hip-hop music, and Malaa played such a great mix of the two genres. One of his most popular tracks, "Notorious," was amazing to listen to live, and you could tell the crowd was vibing to the music hard.

Being a show photographer means I have access to a lot of truly great perspectives. My goal for this show, as well as all others, is to be able to show fans different perspectives they may never get the chance to see. The precise movements of a DJ's hands on a mixer or the raw emotion of the crowd helps bring the show to life in my photography. At Malaa's show, it was amazing seeing people in the crowd truly feeling the music throughout the entire set- you could tell there was no other place they'd rather be. 

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Malaa concluded the 'Illegal Tour' in Detroit, but be sure to check out our photo coverage from last week below!

All photos by Charles Kang. Follow him on Instagram

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