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Playlist + Guide: Moon Boots Takes Us Through All Things Brooklyn

Eat, party, and buy records through Moon Boots' eyes.

Moon Boots knows his way around Brooklyn. The incredible talent is born and bred in the city and so knows a thing or two about his neighborhood. Wanting to learn more about his city, and just in time with his latest track out via Anjunadeep called "The Life Aquatic," we sat down with him to learn about what his favorite spots in Brooklyn are, as well as his favorite songs that remind him of the city. 

Check out his latest track, playlist, and guide below! Stream/download "The Life Aquatic" here

Favorite Spots in Brooklyn

House of Yes

PC: House of Yes 

PC: House of Yes 

House of Yes started as an underground performance art space and even though they now host huge DJ's, they’ve struck a great balance. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say It’s like no other club I’ve ever played. Every show is a production — aerial artists! costumes! crazy projections! — The amount of creativity they have here honestly blows my mind.

Black Flamingo

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I’ve played here twice and hung out many more times than I can count. They’re about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary and I’m sure there will be many more! Shout out to Bryce, Eli (Soul Clap) & Gadi (Wolf & Lamb) for their vision and hard work in making this place happen.

L’Industrie Pizza

Ever since it opened a couple years ago in my neighborhood, I’ve loved this place and told anyone who would listen how it’s the best place to get a slice. I must not be the only person because they’re always doing great. If a full pizza pie is what you’re after, Fornino’s and Roberta’s are the tops. I played a charity event for Move NYC a couple weeks ago at Roberta’s outdoor patio and it was really wonderful.

Superior Elevation

Even if you're like me and you rarely mix vinyl outside of your apartment, record shops are great places to get inspired and find music your digital brethren might overlook. Superior Elevation is my favorite in Brooklyn because they have a huge selection of house & disco at reasonable prices but also all kinds of other styles. I’ve picked up piles of gospel records there; I went in yesterday and Danny Krivit was in there going through soul 45’s. It’s that kind of place.

Main Drag Music

Unlike most businesses in Williamsburg, this store has been around for a little while. I remember taking my Juno 106 here to get serviced when I was in college. They had a synth expo a couple months ago that was great and they always carry at least a few vintage synths with that Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy” vibe (Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter 8, PPG Wave 2, etc). A million times better than walking into the chaos of a Guitar Center and the guys here are really nice. 

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