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My Nu Leng is getting ready for a massive show in Los Angeles and to prepare for the madness coming up ahead on Cinco de Mayo, we sat down with them to learn about who some of their favorite artists and songs were, and what we can expect this coming Friday. While some artists like to keep that information close to their chest, the duo was happily willing to oblige, and the end result, in the form of a Spotify playlist, did not disappoint. 

From the epic styles of The Streets to Lynx to Bassboy, the eclectic list of artists and tracks makes us so ready for Friday night's madness. 

On the playlist, they note- 

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"We've curated a playlist of new music we have been supporting in our sets recently and of some of our own music you are likely to hear us play, as well as some classics from the UK! It's great to be back in LA, and great to be able to play some music at control!"

We're also giving away some tickets to their show at CONTROL Avalon. Check it out here


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