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Premiere: Elderbrook's Lyric-Driven "Difficult To Love" Becomes Ethereal But Dancey With MR H'S Remix

His remix package, featuring Amtrac, Monsoon Moon, MR H’s, Command Q and Nu Aspect.

Elderbrook's emotive lyricism and often ethereal-like electronic and dance work has made him a quick favorite over the last couple of years, and his massive hit "Difficult to Love" has been on repeat since the minute we first heard it. He's now gearing up for a remix package for that single, and today we're super excited to present the dancefloor-ready version of "Difficult to Love" by Mr. H'S.  

Simplifying the track and honing in on the rhythm of the track, its ethereal quality, and Elderbrook's vocals as a part of the instrumental (rather than as lyrics), the new version is perfectly crafted for the dancefloor, as well as for the late night drive or afterparty. 

Check out the track below. The remix package is out today and will feature Amtrac, Monsoon Moon, Command Q and Nu Aspect, along with the aforementioned Mr H'S. 

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