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Premiere: Eliot Lipp - Not Quite Awake (Emancipator Remix)

For those kids on the quarter system looking for something to study to, this one is for you.
Eliot Lipp Album Artwork

If you're looking for something melodic and relaxed today, then we've got something just for you. Eliot Lipp's "Not Quite Awake" has received the remix treatment from Emancipator, and the resulting piece is stunning tranquil in its style and an absolute delight for those stuck working in an office, racing against time to get things done or for those looking to add music to their yoga/chill/study playlists. With a remix like this, both Eliot Lipp and Emancipator are sure to have long careers ahead. 

Lipp is preparing for the release of his album Skywave, out June 23 on Young Heavy Souls. Pre-order the project here

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