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Premiere: Experimental Electro-Pop Brainchild Scartoon Brings Out The "Fangs"

His new LP, The American Psycho (June 9), is out via Artist Mafia Records.

Scartoon is probably not a name you're familiar with quite yet, but if the song we're premiering today is any indication, you're definitely going to in the coming months. The talented artist first launched into the public sphere in 2016 with “Skin ft Ria" on the esteemed record label Mad Decent. It's the experimental electro-pop brainchild of Las Vegas Producer Anthony Wynkoop, and he's teamed up with T. Rabb to bring together "Fangs," a distorted and strangely mesmerizing piece of art that bends the rules of music. 

Often atmospheric and yet dystopic in nature, "Fangs" is powerful and sure to capture the eyes and ears of electronic fans everywhere. 


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Scartoon notes- 

“Fangs" is a song that developed very quickly once we started working on it. I wrote the lyrics about a year or so ago and didn't really know what i should do so I started experimenting in the studio. Honestly, “Fangs" feels and sounds like nightmare. It just about surrounding yourself to someone despite your intuition telling you its not going to end well. In terms of production, I drew inspiration from Kanye, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, and Twenty-One Pilots. I really wanted to make an experimental record out of really high quality components.”

Featured rapper T. Rabb also noted-

"The fire can’t always be explained or easily recreated. I stepped into this genre of music a true novice. I haven’t participated in too many different types of music. Just mostly rap and hip-hop. When Anthony played me the record my eyes lit up. This was after he explained the concept to me, and I was catapulted into a realm of despair and arrogance. I usually write in my head through methods of repetition, but while writing this record I really took my time. Even though the song was made on the spot, the story I tell is one near and dear to me. It’s very therapeutic.”

Check out the song below. His new LP, The American Psycho (June 9), is out via Artist Mafia Records.  

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