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Premiere: Ezekiel - Turf [Moveltraxx] (Official Video)

Horror meets high school for those that venture into the wrong "turf."

We're all back at work today and of course, if you're anything like us, you're sore and groggy from all of the Memorial Day BBQs that happened yesterday. While we can't do anything about any physical ailments, we are excited to present a new song that we think will help boost your energy this Tuesday morning. 

Moveltraxx's Ezekiel has released a stunning new visual accompaniment for his track "Turf," which takes place in a decrepit high school and features school dancers and a basketball star, all with red eyes that pierce through the screen. A young boy dares to venture into the school's gymnasium and things get wilder than ever believed. It's back in the day horror movie levels of campy, while Ezekiel's production prowess is beautifully highlighted as well. It's fun, stunningly well-crafted, seductive, and dark, and yet, it doesn't force anyone to take anything too seriously. 

Check out the video below. 

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