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Premiere: Feder's "Back For More" Gets an Electro-Funk Update From Mr. Belt & Wezol

Feder's remix EP is out May 12.

Feder's massive hit "Back For More" is an emotionally charged track that brings all of the feels out onto the dancefloor, and it managed to showcase the utter brilliance that is the Paris-based artist. Today we've got something special that is helping to re-stirrup our love for his music, and it comes in the form of a special remix by Mr. Belt and Wezol.  

The new version is faster and blended with elements of electro, funk, and pop, to culminate in a song that brings together the best of both Feder and Mr. Belt and Wezol. Shaving off the emotional feels of the track and honing in on a newly added piano synth to tie it all together, "Back For More" is having us truly crave for more. 

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This remix will be out tomorrow, along with two other remixes of "Back For More" from Betical and Rrotik. Check out the song above!  

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