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Premiere: Intergalactix Brings Nostalgic Disco Pop Influences to "The Now"

Their upcoming project will bring the funk on June 16.

LA-via-Sydney act Intergalactix is bringing their smooth sounds to a new EP on June 16. While even we don't know the full details of what exactly is to come in the new project, we have one song to share with you today. 

"The Now" effortlessly blends the lines of disco, funk, and pop to bring together something that's radio friendly while still being accessible for the dancefloor. The duo have worked for a wide variety of artists in the past- Ariana Grande, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Kelis, among so many others, so they definitely know a thing or two about bringing elements of disco and funk to a pop accessible audience. 

As previously mentioned their new project, 3.33, will be out June 16. More information about the duo can be found here via their Facebook. 

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