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Premiere + Interview: ZDS Knows How To Make the Dancefloor Go "Bang" With Latest Visuals

Plus- we talk East London, the music industry, and more.

ZDS might not be considered a legend quite yet, but with all of the work he's done in the world of dance music already, he's certainly well on his way to securing his name in dance's hall of fame. The talented artist's roots being in East London, and from there he's dropped releases on some of today's most exciting labels and played some of the best parties. We're in for a treat then, because we've got a new visual for the track "Bang" that had the hair on the back of our necks standing up when we first got our hands on it. ZDS and his eclectic style truly shine through, and while it's a stunningly simple track, each sound was carefully considered and placed, making every moment make an impact throughout the entire piece. 

We also had a chance to chat with the incredible talent to learn about East London, how he handles music industry stress, and more! 

Check out the video and interview below. 

Hi ZDS, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! You've recently released "Bang." For those that haven't had the opportunity to check out the track quite yet, what can people expect?

To put it simply: Bang is a stripped back ghetto house inspired song that is aimed directly at the dancefloor.

You've been in the music scene for a while now, and undoubtedly faced a lot of stress when dealing with the industry side. How do you keep yourself focused on performing and creating music?

For me it's pretty simple, I'm going to keep writing music until I have nothing left to say. I don't do this for the money or for the praise of others, I do it because I'm driven to write music. I think because I have this mindset I don't really care how the industry is and it doesn't stress me out.

You hail from the East London Club Scene. Since we're admittedly not in the UK, if we were to hop on a plane and jump into a taxi, what are the absolute essentials we need to stop by to get a sense of the culture there (in terms of food, fashion, and music/nightlife)?

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London has so much it's had to jam it into a short paragraph. here are some of my current favorites:

Food: Rasa - Stoke Newington - Andrew Edmunds and Duck and Waffle

Fashion : Dover Street Market, Good Hood and Present

Nightlife - Corsica studios, Printworks and Micks Garage

What advice would you give to those looking to make it in dj-ing and production and surviving the music industry?

Make music you like- Don't try and copy the beatport top 100.

Save your money- If you want to make a career as a dj/producer there will be good years and bad.

Have fun!

What can people expect from you for the rest of 2017?

I have a track called 'Rick James' that is coming out in June on ToolRoom , I'm going to be dropping the second installment of my edit series 'Bang Tracks' in late summer, I have another couple of ep's pencilled for autumn and I'm doing a collaboration with Claude Vonstroke. And if that wasn't enough I'm aiming to have my own record label going by the end of the year (name suggestions welcomed - please tweet me :)

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