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Premiere: Jesper Jenset - "Painkiller" (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

The Norwegian-artist infuses lush vocals with future-bass production to create a unique style.

Norwegian artist Jesper Jenset is still only 19 years old, but the talented artist has already gained recognition from the worldwide music scene with tracks like “High” and "Lies." His latest song is "Painkiller," a lush, bass-infused pop anthem that'll hit you right in the feels and bring forth a wave of emotions into the air. Jenset is an undeniable talent that mixes a stunning blend of underground music styles with an equally undeniable vocal range that'll make him a star in the days to come. 

While he's known for his music these days, he also represented Norway on the national gymnastics team during his teenage years, and with that massive accomplishment, he proves that he's got drive and dedication to perfecting his craft. We can't wait to see what he has coming up next! 

Purchase "Painkiller" via iTunes here

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