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Premiere: Lifecycle - Poppin' Ft. Mikey Ceaser

Blending dub, trap, and hip hop for a song we'll guarantee will be at festivals this season.
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We're excited today to bring to you some serious heat, and yes we know it's only Wednesday, but if you're anything like us, you're getting ready to enjoy the increasingly hot weather and Memorial Day Weekend in style, and this song will set the perfect mood. 

"Poppin" has us ready to dance, mosh, and just generally exert energy while we go wild to the track. It's got a wide variety of different elements - trap, dub, hip hop- and the result makes this song feel timeless, the kind of piece we think we'll be hearing all throughout the summer. 

“After a lot of experimenting with different sounds, different vibes and different tempos over the course of last year, I started to feel an increasing sense of nostalgia to my earlier days of producing… To the days I spent just tweaking synths all day and trying to create simple yet detailed pieces of club music - driven by an infectious funk, guided by a basslines so sour they make a pint of aqua regia taste sweet. So there I went, off to tackle this freshly acquired goal. What sounded like the simplest thing became something much more along the way. Skills that I acquired during my experimental phase in some cases held me back more than they pushed me forward – and my ear for detail in some cases left me with little more than a deep dissatisfaction over the resulsts I’d struggled so hard to reach. And then… everything shifted. The universal wheel of fortune must’ve stopped at my number, because for some reason motivation was omnipresent, in all shapes and sizes. From the collaborations with Frank, Mikey and Joel, my joining with LA90 and addition to the Maximum Boost roster to random appreciation messages and commercial interest in my music. It felt like a complete 180. It’s a huge honour for me to work with NSD / Black Label and I feel humbled to know they accept my trifling Ableton attempts in their definition of good music. at NSD.”

There’s a new future on the horizon, and I couldn’t be happier than commencing the path towards it shoulder-to-shoulder with the dons 

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The song is out via NSD/Black Label. Preorder here via iTunes. 

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