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Premiere: Lincoln Jesser feat. Gabrielle Current- Somebody Will [Congo Records]

Capturing the essence of summer in its stunning production.

There is something about the month of May that's special. It doesn't have quite the sunny and warm disposition of June and it doesn't have the Spring vibe of April. It's definitely a transition month- a week where it's not quite weird if there's still not entirely out of place if there is occasionally rainy or cloudy day among the increasing number of hot days. 

With that being said, it's also the month where we star experiencing the heat, and with it often comes the first wave of summer songs, like this latest by Lincoln Jesser and Gabrielle Current. Floaty, tropical vibes cascade through Gabrielle Current's uniquely ethereal vocal style. "Somebody Will" is sure to be played across festivals and poolside DJ set all throughout the next coming months, so we're truly thrilled to have the chance to play it to you guys first. 

On the song Jesser noted- 

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""Somebody Will" went on a multi-year journey before it was finally finished, and i love the final form it's taken...Maty and Gabrielle are both incredibly talented, and our collective energies turned this song into something special that really resonates for me. so excited to share it you."

Check out the track below. 

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