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Premiere: Ravyn Lenae vs Man Without a Clue - "Free Room (Man Without a Clue Remix)" [Big Beat - Ignition]

Feel the island energy with Big Beat's Ibiza Compilation.

Ibiza- despite all of its years of partying and tourist attraction, the island still remains an enigmatic place for those interested in the dance music world. Big Beat set themselves to explore the still mysterious depths of the island where techno, house, and more are influenced by its slow, Balearic waves. 

The label is getting ready to release a free compilation tomorrow (May 19), and to give a sneak peek, we're got an early listen of one of the tracks off the release, ""Free Room (Man Without a Clue Remix)" which sees Chicago artist Ravyn Lenae in a dance music setting and brings the warm tropical feel into the DJ-setting, remixed courtesy of Man Without a Clue. The result encapsulates a drawing energy that can't be ignored, and we're in love with the power of this remixed track. 

Check out the track below. As previously mentioned, the entire compilation will be out on May 19 as part of the Big Beat: Ignition Series, which previously explored music Paris and Amsterdam in separate comps. More information on the release can be found through their homepage here

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