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They're fierce, they're furry and they're flipping sick at creating tunes - Teddy Killerz debut album 'Nightmare Street' on RAM is a melting pot of drum and bass, dubstep, metal, trap... In short, it's mayhem. It's batshit bonkers and it's brilliant. Two years in the making, this is Teddy Killerz in purest form. 

Today, we boast an exclusive nitty-gritty with the trio and have the privilege of launching addictive track 'Ready' at your face. A liquid tune that, with best intentions, morphed into a belter.

First the tune!! Ready for it?

Now the chat...

We’re frothing to be premiering 'Ready' ft. Ayah - how did the collab come about?

Anton: We are big fans of Ayah's tunes and we’ve been wanting to make a tune with her for a long time. The idea was to make something softer than other tunes on the album, maybe some slightly lighter D&B or liquid... but in the end, it turned out to be heavy as f**k. Though it does still retain a real musicality within it.

Do your tunes have narratives or are they just a mish-mash of whatever you’re feeling on the day?

Oleg: It’s really whatever we’re feeling on the day, haha. We didn't try to build a proper story inside the album. That's why there’s no intro, outro, interludes etc. It's more about the universe of Teddy Killerz. Visually & musically.

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Nightmare Street is pretty damn diverse… what made you go with a D&B label?

Greg: Well, of course, an album is much bigger than an EP or single so as artist's we have a lot more freedom genre wise. We love many styles of bass music and the LP is about who we are and what we love - heavy bass music. Speaking about RAM, they’ve always been cool about having some other bass music genres aside from the D&B and of course, they’re one of the biggest in the game! Perhaps Delta Heavy's 'Get By' is one of the best examples of other tempos on the label, alongside with many others. 

What are your personal fave tracks off the new album?

Greg: Definitely ‘Chopper'. It's a crazy dance floor banger! A hybrid of the US bass music sound & heavy European neuro D&B sound.

Anton: ‘Bounce’! It reminds me our tunes from 'Teddy Massacre' EP. It's funky as hell. I think we may actually come with more mid-tempo gear at some point:)

Oleg: 'Coming For You' with Lena Cullen. Love her vocals and the contrast between the intro and the drop worked out so great.

Where can we catch you next? Any UK festivals on the circuit?

Greg: Catch us this summer out in Prague for our Let It Roll debut, Dour Festival, Frequency and many others!

Enter the Nightmare early... pre-order before the 2nd of June release or pre-save on Spotify.

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