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Premiere: Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas Combines Melodic Pop to Make Everyone "Happy" [Video]

Off his EP project, Union.

The world can be a cruel place. Whatever your political beliefs, we're feeling anger from one side to the other, and for those just trying to survive (i.e. everyone) we're feeling frustrated and tired and just done with a lot of things happening in the world right now on top of being just a regular human being with their own struggles and issues.

Steve Smith, of Dirty Vegas fame, is feeling the discontent in the air as well and his latest project, UNION, which dropped in February, expresses a lot of the feelings of insecurity and confusion that we carry within ourselves. One track off the project, "Happy," in particular caught our eye, and we're excited to premiere the video for the song for our readers today.

Unlike the Pharrell track that shares the same title, the song doesn't pretend or give listeners a false idea of what it means to be happy and human and instead, explores the complexities of emotions within a person's mental state. Happiness is difficult and Smith manages to capture it with stunning accuracy.

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On the song, he explains further:

This is an observational video. Here are the thoughts of myself and the director feelings about it. Everyone's walking along doing their thing existing, but not feeling secure or evening knowing their own identity. Getting lost in the noise of society. Matched with the internal struggle of trying to find and remain true to ones identity. Everyone can relate to not fitting in or being too conscious of themselves. The fact that anyone could find themselves feeling that way, especially in a city when theres so many communities, foot traffic, culture and being surrounded by so many people in general. Constantly moving, but equally being stuck or isolated and consumed by so many non human interactions. Being amongst the hustle, bustle and song of life while not feeling like you’re fitting into the rhythm.”

Check out the video below. Purchase Union via iTunes here

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