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If you are looking for an interesting night out this Friday, look no further! Local NYC collective, Quo Vadis Productions, is hosting a live event at the Good Room for a night filled with talented production and a completely new vibe. 

Headliners include Demdike Stare, a two-piece Manchester act made up of Sean Canty & Miles Whittaker with a hellish taste for record collecting. Their collection harbors some epic material with the weird and immersive styling of their own in their live performance. Expect a succulent combination of industrial, ambient and techno with jungle rhythm.

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Alongside them is Regis, a.k.a., Karl O'Connor, who runs Downwards Label with fellow art enthusiast Peter Sutton [female] since 1993. Highly regarded as an influential creative force within the British techno/electronic scene, O'Connor and his label have remained an alternative to the traditional catalogs of cash cow remixes. 

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Joining the headliners are NYC locals Abby Echiverri & Maria Chavez. Both women are strong forces in alternative production and have been dubbed sound artists in their own right. Echiverri combines electronic with visual art and her background in audio equipment and classical training gives her production showcase true composition. Chavez is considered an abstract turntablist, and she will produce music and art all at once. 

Quo Vadis resident, Covert Joy will be holding down the fort, open to close in the Bad Room! 

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Check out the event this Friday, May 5th @ the Good Room in Brooklyn, NY!

Find tickets and information here!

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