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Record Label Profile: Amtrac Is Bringing OPENERS to the Center of Attention

The unsung heroes that open events are part of his new major focus with his label.

Amtrac has been a favorite among underground dance circles for a long time now. He's a trusted name in the music scene for always crafting dance music that transcends genre, and when it comes to his dance sets, the talented DJ and producer seems to know how to get everyone and anyone onto the dancefloor. 

His latest focus is on his new record label OPENERS, and while it's still relatively new, we had to learn more. We sat down with the extraordinary talent to learn more about starting a new label, the future of it all, and the responsibilities that come with owning one! 

How did the record label start, why did you start a label, and do you feel that since the initial decision to start a label your overall goal has changed? 

Timing. It finally felt like the right time. I’ve been dealing with a lot of A&R’s for the past couple of years, and it can drive me a bit mental. Someone you've never met before dissecting my work over email can sometimes put a damper your work. Now I have complete creative control & it feels great.

What prompted you to name the label OPENERS? 

Properly opening up a room is one of the most important but often overlooked jobs a DJ can have. I’m just trying to pay homage to the real crate diggers and music aficionados who know how to do it right.

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What would you say are the biggest challenges in managing a label?

It’s still in the very early stages so I guess time will tell, I imagine once I have a few more artists under the umbrella challenges will arise. As for now things seem to be running smooth

To go along with that, were there unexpected obstacles you ran into in creating the new label?

Not really surprisingly, though consistency is going to be the longterm obstacle.. but it’s a challenge I’ll embrace.

Where do you feel the label going from now? Do you have personal goals looking forward towards the future of the label?

I just want to put out music that stands the test of time, things I can look back on in 10 years and it will still make sense.

The music world can be daunting. What advice would you give those that are looking to make their own big break?

I think It’s very important to find your own sound, the sound thats makes you feel something. Also Daedelus sent out a tweet recently that really resonated with me 

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