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Review: 1906 Edible Chocolates Speeds Up the High In Four Delicious Flavors

From using the 'Go' flavor to get work done to 'midnight' for instant rest, this chocolates unique chemistry shortens the wait time for edibles.

Although edibles carry a significantly stronger high, they typically take much longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaping cannabis. The average time from consumption to high is 90 minutes, but that time frame varies from person to person. According to Leafly, your body needs to digest and metabolize an edible before feeling its effects. Ultimately, the amount of time it takes to process an edible depends on your metabolism.

However, Denver-based chocolateers, 1906, have created a solution for those who are impatient consumers. Their unique formula reduces that hour and a half to as little as 15 to 20 minutes. The company offer four delicious flavors: midnight for sleep, go for body energy, pause for relaxation, and high love for sex. In exchange for an honest review, I was offered to test out the midnight, go, and pause flavors.

I first tried the go flavor on a Saturday afternoon in an attempt to dodge a midday nap. Sure enough, I felt quickly energized within 10 minutes. Needless to say, I successfully avoided even the quickest of naps. I didn’t feel high, but instead, like I chugged a half a pot of coffee: not overly caffeinated, but just right. A few hours later, I felt a bit groggy, but didn’t experience a crash. That afternoon, I accomplished a fair amount of freelance work and even had spare time for cleaning and organizing my room.

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Second, I tried the midnight blend, but I cheated. I ate it after already smoking an entire bowl. (I was already laughing about nothing to a friend over the phone.) Within 20 minutes, I felt a much stronger body high compared to the go flavor. My blood turned into an ocean, its stream full of waves flowing throughout my limbs. The following time eating this blend, though, I didn’t feel quite a sensation, but quickly drifted off to sleep in minutes, much less than 15. For someone with occasional insomnia, midnight definitely helped.

That leaves the last flavor: pause. I ate one on a Friday night in. I was catching up on some writing and editing projects, and soon enough, it hit me all at once. After a half hour of eating the chocolate, I stood up from my desk and plopped onto my bed. My muscles felt weightless. I expected to feel sleepy, but I possessed a weird energy that made me want to dance. So guess what I did? I lip synched Lady Gaga until I crashed about an hour later.

Overall, I’d highly recommend all three flavors, but for different purposes. Go better serves productivity than wanting to relax with a high. If you’re self-employed, work from home, and/or have a cannabis-friendly employer, don’t be afraid to consume one before your shift begins. As for midnight, be prepared and expect to fall asleep within an hour of consumption; that means don’t eat it while hanging out with your friends--unless it’s a sleepover, I suppose. The pause flavor would be the best for relaxing and chilling out, especially if you’re stressed out. Additionally, the chocolate flavors didn’t vary between the different blends and were all especially savory for satisfying sweet tooth a cravings.

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