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UK singer-producer SAKIMA releases R&B + electropop Facsimile EP on Moving Castle -

New music from the buzzing artist collective's growing roster.
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Earlier this month, UK R&B singer and producer SAKIMA dropped a 4-track EP titled ‘Facsimile’ on the LA-based imprint Moving Castle. The upbeat electropop collection blends the unique styles of R&B/hip hop with poppy synths and electronic sounds, all overlaid with SAKIM’s sultry auto-tuned vocals to create an eclectic and sensual sound which seamlessly integrates elements of two of our personal favorite genres.

In addition to two original new slow-churning grooves from SAKIM, the EP also includes two features: Alizzz & AOBeats, both other male artists in the up-and-coming R&B/electronic producer category. Fellow singer-producer Alizzz is on the EP’s first track, “I Used To Have An En Suit,” which is a tropical lullaby infused with symphonic chimes and breezy harmonies. For “What I Know Now,” which was previously released as a single and has since garnered nearly 100k plays on Soundcloud, SAKIMA collaborated with rising talent AOBeats to create a radio-ready singalong breakup anthem.

‘Facsimile’ also includes the synth-pop vocally driven single “He’s Trippi” and a brand new original track dubbed “Happy Hr.”

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Lyrically speaking, SAKIM sings about the highs and lows of modern-day millennial romance on ‘Fascsimile,’ specifically from a gay male’s perspective.

"When making this EP it was critical to create songs that could act as a counterbalance to the unequal representation of gay stories within popular music,” said the young producer. “I'm sharing all of my insecurities, sexual experiences and youth without leaving anything behind, and without disguising those parts of myself in rhetoric. It's the first time that I've truly been around people in the music industry who just accept me for who I am as a person and as an artist, and I can finally release this work that is so important to me and that I believe is important to popular music. And in terms of this mission of normalising gay narratives within pop music, I'm only just getting started."

We are excited to hear more from this hot new producer, and are most definitely keeping our fingers crossed for some dope rappers to be featured on SAKIM’s forward-thinking beats. 

You can listen on Soundcloud below or you can stream the full EP on Spotify

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