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The unknown artist drops her first original track with Magnetic.
Soul Bandit - Mad Prophet

Take a break from your shitty day at work or your long day in class and embark on an eccentric spiritual journey with a newly uncovered track from a mysterious new artist known only as “Soul Bandit.” It is unclear exactly who she is or where exactly this mystical track is coming from, but what we do know is that it is something our ears haven’t heard before--in the best way possible.

Distorting any traditional genre boundary notions, the track blends a variety of unique and curiously unusual sounds and melodies to create a serene, mind-expanding track that pleases the auditory senses and takes you on a peaceful trip across soundscapes from start to end.

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The track’s tribal vibe actually reflects its title pretty closely--haunting airy vocals and subtle echoing harmonies combined with layers of aural sounds guide you on a twisted cerebral journey through time and space, just as a “mad prophet” would. This appears to be Soul Bandit's first official release and as I said before, there is nothing about her online except for this track and a creepy collection of photos and gifs on her Instagram

Our interest is peaked and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more music from this unknown entity. 

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