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New Music: SOUL BANDIT - Afraid

Premiere: Soul Bandit returns with new experimental track "Afraid"
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A few weeks back we were lucky enough to uncover Soul Bandit’s first original release “Mad Prophet” and now she’s back with a follow up that takes listeners in a completely different direction.

Her new song “Afraid” has a much more visceral vibe, which lifts the track away from the noisy flow of generic electronic releases and just sort of makes you think and reflect as it builds and picks you up as it drifts away. It’s experimental sure, but not so much that you struggle to grab onto it as it flows by. My favorite part about Soul Bandits music so far is that it just makes you feel something. That connection you make with a song is so key to how it can really make an impact on your life and so far both of her songs are striking a chord with me. The dark feel to her lyrics work well with both tracks even though her style of singing might make you think she was talking about happier times, you can tell she’s about something a lot deeper. While “Afraid” is much more of a “Chill” song compared to “Mad Prophet”, both songs hold their own and it only makes me wonder what to expect next.

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We still have a lot to learn about Soul Bandit but what we can tell you now is she has our attention. Be sure to give “Afraid” a listen and we will share more music from this promising new producer as we find it.

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