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We’re BIG fans of Soul Clap. Do you know what else we’re big fans of? Supporting local artists. To quote a favorite movie of ours: “Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?” 

Dancing On the Charles is a semi-yearly compilation focused on giving Boston-based Soul Clap’s favorite local talent some much deserved love. This year’s release marks the 4th edition of the series that offers unique insight into Boston’s thriving dance music scenes. 

Instead of hearing about the compilation from Soul Clap themselves, we felt it would be more apt to give the featured artists a chance to speak to the stories that came only their blood, sweat, and tears. So, for each selection we fired off a question or two, and put it all together into one big ol’ compilation interview. To help set the stage, we embedded the SoundCloud links so you can listen in and get some context around the wide range of answers we received back from our questions. We hope you enjoy Dancing on the Charles, Vol. 4!

Did we mention this compilation is also available for purchase on CASSETTE?? Out now here

Roldy Cezaire - Crew Love is True Love

Magnetic Magazine: What does “Crew Love” mean to you?

Roldy Cezaire: Music is a universal language, a unique art form, in that brings together people from all walks of life. Music breaks down the barriers that we create to divide us. So, to me, Crew Love is about the collaboration of passionate artists creating something special to spread good vibes and unite us all.‬

MM: Was there a particular moment when you came to this understanding?‬

Roldy Cezaire: Yes, after my first DOTC collaboration, I began receiving messages from fans around the globe. To know that music coming from my heart and soul could touch someone on the other side of the world made me truly realize the impact that our music can have.

Agents of Vibe - Baluum

MM: As the purveyors of the vibrations, what amenities do a “Baluum” trip include?

Agents of Vibe: The inner lands of the great beyond groove at their best when they have elegant company. Agents invite you on a sonic circumnavigation ride around a dance-floor world in our hot air Baluum! Our view from up here is above all fears. So right, like angels take themselves light, etheric-Balearic-esoteric-cleric clearing atmospherics, and melodic-melts for your ears, not for your hands. Guitars echoing far, like a sunrise on Mars, while the bass inflates the pace to inner grace. Ready to ride!?

Saucy Lady, U-Key - For What? 

MM: What’s your best Boston hide-away to ground you when you feel the disillusionment that this song describes?

Saucy LadyI would head on down across the Charles River to Middle East restaurant to checkout a party or a show there. This venue has live performances and parties daily and it's been around for a minute. I always feel like I can be myself there and not feel judged for being "eclectic". The staff there treats you like family and it feels like home. There's a weekly soul dance party too there, called "Soulelujah" where DJs play an all soul vinyl set on 45s. It's one of my favorite nights around because the music is dope and everyone dances the entire night. When you feel the disillusionment, it’s best to dance it off!

David Paglia - Right On

MM: What’s your favorite garb to throw on when you want to feel sassy and “righteous”?

David PagliaMy fav garb entails a hooded sweatshirt, swishy pants, and slippery laceless converse kicks for moonwalking around da house, boogying to my vinyl...that's when I'm feeling “Right On."

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Juice Belushi feat. Black Rob Lowe - Rob Lowe

MM: Which character of Rob Lowe’s is the biggest heartbreaker?

Juice Belushi: That's a tie between the character he played in Sex Tape (a Slayer-loving cocaine sniffer) and the character he played in his own sex tape (himself). Both characters are in jeopardy of breaking their own hearts via cardiac arrest or scandal, respectively.

Jack Novin, Matt Grone - Gang Progress

MM: How do you celebrate “Gang Progress”?

Jack Novin, Matt Grone: Getting back to work.

GMGN - Preached

MM: What gospel has Boston taught you that you wish to spread to the world?

GMGN: That if you dig beneath the surface there are many gems to be discovered. It can be pretty easy to overlook your local music scene … but if you spend the time exploring, you start to realize that we are surrounded by inspirational artists making great and unique music. Many of these artists don’t have a big platform to share their art, so get out and keep your ears open! Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like hearing what the people around me are creating.

Dustin Rosata feat. da Rosa - Eu Não Vou Trabalhar

MM: What’s your favorite thing to do when you want to avoid work but not feel bad about it?

Dustin Rosata: If I don't do work I don't get paid so I just never feel that bad about working.

With You. - Bembé

MM: They say that peace is progress, and this song made us feel quite moved. is there a Boston crew you want to call out for making strides?

With You.:DJ 7L & Braun Drapper aka The Bladerunners. Their taste in multi genres of music is incredible. They've showed me the way many times over in music and in life, respect to those two legends. - Rick Trainor (With You.)

Smeed & Suspence feat. April Pittman - Melt 

MM: Which type of melt is this, the Charles in late winter, or the mid-summer heatwaves?

Smeed & Suspence: It's the type that you can feel all year-round. When two people have that first moment of hot passion and it feels like their separate bodies melt into one.

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