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Soundcloud Releases New 'The Upload' Feature

Described as the platform's version of Spotify's 'Release Radar.'

Soundcloud has announced the release of 'The Upload' today, which is "a brand new discovery feature on SoundCloud that brings you a list of the freshest new music uploaded to the platform, personalized to your taste on a daily basis." 

Many are touting the new feature to be Soundcloud's answer to Spotify's popular Release Radar playlist. This new addition is also slated to have the music platform looking to gain an audience beyond the (as Tech Crunch calls them) "early-adopter music enthusiasts" and move to gain ground in casual music listeners. 

Soundcloud's latest feature is available through the Discover tab, or in the Search tab on iOS and Android. Check out the full announcement here, and read a more in-depth analysis of the feature via TechCrunch

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