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Every now and again I will be bringing you a short E.P. review of varying sounds from across the spectrum of 140bpm. These might be artists that have already solidified themselves deeply in the scene, or newcomers emerging from the depths. My aim is to push the sound of 140bpm and show how it can be bended and experimented with.


Sub:Clef is the brainchild of producer and DJ 'Cid Poitier'. An experimental bass record label which explores the blurred genre boundaries of Early Dubstep, Neo Soul, Electronica and Dub, born from the cultural melting pot of South London. Judging by the first release from SubClef, and Cid Poitier's incredibly deep back catalog of music, I am very excited to see more from this new and exciting label. Cid had this to say on his reason for starting Sub:Clef - 

"My reason for starting the label was two-fold, Firstly to provide a platform/outlet that I have total control over for some of my more slower music, and secondly to introduce a new sound to the sound system music scene. Whilst the first release can be easily categorized as dubstep, the direction of the label is to explore the fringes of other genres I have a love for but within the aesthetic of early Dubstep".

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Subclef 001 - Cid Poitier : Zeitgeist / Grim Creeper.

Zeitgeist - Cid has created an eerie and incredibly scary riddim here. It feels like it would slot perfectly in a horror film or a thriller. Hauntingly atmospheric throughout, the intro is especially chilling. A slow dull snare and a kind of jolted bass rock back and fourth, then the drum beat kicks in with force alongside an undulating sub. The drop is subtle but just enough to conjure up a haunting feeling within the listener. Its a mixture of dark echoed, almost mechanical strings and deep, distant brass horns. Cid has created a masterpiece with this one. 

Grim Creeper - This track is noticeably different to Zeitgeist. It's very melodic and much more of a journey than the previous tune. There are certain dark element's within the track, like the spooky atmospheres, and the instruments that seem to be groaning in the distance. However the core of the intro is made up of a feel good, light sounding bass instrument that jumps along pleasantly. The song feels like it's constantly building up to something, and it is, the real drop comes in at around 4 minutes. The light, happy bass wobbles cut away and are replaced with a dark roaring sub, and a crisp, skippy drum beat. The drop is such a great contrast to the intro. Massive shouts to Cid Poitier on creating this E.P. both tunes are really very special.

The E.P. is available to pre-order here on both digital and vinyl formats and it's out on the 2nd June, make sure you cop it. Check out SubClef here, and don't forget to check out what Cid Poitier is doing musically here.


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