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Every now and again I will be bringing you a short E.P. review of varying sounds from across the spectrum of 140bpm. These might be artists that have already solidified themselves deeply in the scene, or newcomers emerging from the depths. My aim is to push the sound of 140bpm and show how it can be bended and experimented with.



If you don't know about EVA808, get to fucking know. She is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting and eclectic producers in the underground music scene at this moment. Her way with music is unlike any other producer I have come across. She doesn't have a recognizable style because she can literally create any kind of genre (at a very high standard may I add), but the authenticity in her music is what really attracts me to her sound. The textures, samples, and instruments, she conjures up add to the whole feel of her tracks in such a major way.



A load of DJ's and producers, such as Spooky, J Kenzo, Jack Dat, Gundam and so many more, have been spinning her music on radio stations like Radar Radio, Rinse FM etc, for nearly two years. Having had music released on Crucial Recordings & White Peach Records in the past, and with a release w/ grime MC 'Eyez' which is currently forthcoming, you just know this young producer has so much more to give to the scene. I'm incredibly excited to hear what she's got cooking for 2017.



Her forthcoming 4 track E.P 'Oyuki' is out on 22/05/17 through Zha's highly respected Record Label 'White Peach Records

Zha has been constantly putting work in behind the scenes, not only for himself but for all kinds of artists coming up within music. He runs 3 record labels, (Fentplates, Yellow Flower, and White Peach), so you can only imagine how busy it can get for him. For me, White Peach are releasing some of the most hard-hitting and versatile E.P.s in the scene right now on both Vinyl and Digital formats, and to be frank, it's all thanks to this man. He doesn't just pick generic artists to release, he digs deeper. He puts new and exciting producers at the forefront, and that's what I love about his ethos and the way White Peach are moving at the moment. Make sure you check out his twitter here and keep up to date with all that he is doing. Don't forget to check White Peach Records on facebook here.

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EVA has crafted a very deep and soulful E.P. with this one. 

The first track 'Oyuki' includes a foreign vocal sample in the intro, some light chime's and the crackle of vinyl. The drop is deeper and comes from no where. A dark sub partnered with the clap of bubbly drums every now and again give this track real character. 

'You Don't' is a stark contrast to 'Oyuki', it starts off with a light synth that feels's like it is incoming from a distance, getting louder and louder. You can faintly hear some female vocals slowly drawing into the track as well. The drop grooves in with a subtle yet effective drum loop, and the sub combined with the synths give off an almost dreamlike vibe. On the drop the female vocal comes back into the tune but much more clear and crisp, she's created something special with this one.

'Empress' is definitely my favorite production on the E.P. as it incorporates so many flavors in one track. The intro uses a vintage emotive vocal sample from a female with an American accent, it also includes some symbols with some proper eerie string instrument which last's throughout the track. The drop is mucky with what I can only describe is the dry pluck of a bass guitar which gets deeper & darker the more it's plucked, it almost feel's funky at times with the combo of the bass pluck and the sub bass. The contrast from the intro to the actual core of the track is sublime and catches you off guard in a great way. 

'Rose Gold' is again in a league of its own, sounding so different to every other track on the E.P. It starts with a high pitched bass that fluctuates up and down and some other little atmospheric noises, then you start to hear a deep sub slowly fighting through from the depths. This one's a very chilled tune and when all the high pitched bass dies away from the intro you're left with a calm sub driven track that is perfect to calm things down during a live set.

OYUKI is out on the 22nd May 2017 on both Vinyl and Digital, make sure you go out and cop it. Pre-Order here

Be sure to keep up to date with what EVA808 is doing here.

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