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We're knee deep in Movement coverage but you bet we found time for a fresh tech house chart! What better way to build the hype than to scour the land for new heat. We got some tracks with acid beats, some tracks with vocals, but each and every one is a must-buy for your bag of tricks. As always, playlist at the bottom! 

"Feelin" - Steve Lawler - Robsoul Recordings

The British legend crushes it on this track. It's a little bit difficult to understand what the vocals are saying, but it's catchy and we like it! Steve also recently just released a track titled, "People Having Sex" and it's... awesome!

"Ol' Dirty Hearts" - Mikey Lion & Sacha Robotti - Desert Heart Records

The Sloth moved to the US about a year ago and he's been doing nothing but producing tracks, playing shows, and hanging out with the DIRTYBIRD & Desert Hearts crews. Can you blame him?! The Mikey-Sasha bromance has flowered as they've finally put out a track together! As always on Desert Hearts Records... this one's free! Enjoy!

"Frequency Man" - CHKLTE - Tympanic Records

CHKLTE hails from Austin, TX so we're lucky enough to get to see him spin on the regular. Often performing with the local arm of the Movement Collective, he brings a high level of sass to the masses with his special brand of minimal tech house. On top of his stellar skills on decks, he's got a grab bag of bang up releases to his name. As evidenced by the spoken sample on this latest track, his light touch is something to behold. Enjoy some Texas-bred grass-fed minimal beats!

"Freaky Stuff" - Eskuche Featuring Captain Comatose - Mr. Nice Guy Records

This one gets down to business in a jiffy. You'll feel dirty all over in short order as there surely is some freaky stuff going on here. It features tearing synths driving a wild narrative and high hat samples that feel straight violated. Get down with your bad self!

"What You Want" - Sankuh - Younan Music

Don't throw this one on at family functions unless you want to see your Aunt Janet get down and dirty; we got some booty beats in the house! This one is mind-melting and heart pumping in equal measure, with a dash of the acid to bring a bit of brightness. Grade A banger!

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"Evolve Or Die (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)" - Hot Since 82 - Moon Harbour

Hot Since 82 is a staple on our charts, and for good reason! His tracks are universally lauded and every project he's involved is outright gold. On this one Matthias Tanzmann takes Hot Since 82's latest and strips it down into a spaced out minimal affair, and, although you might not be able to hear what exactly is going on, you'll sure as hell feel it! Catch up yo!

"Tooves" - Italobros - Basica Recordings

Have you ever caught yourself out on the dance-floor singing along with some sample only to have that moment of self-realization that you're speaking straight gibberish? Well, this is one of those tracks. "Woop Wooooop! Woop wooooop! Yehhyehh! Yehhyehh! Yeh!" Rinse and repeat 10 times; doctor's orders. 

"Jungle Tribe (Original Mix)" - DJOKO

Can you tell us the last time you heard a gorilla sampled in a song? We'll wait. Yeah, thought so. It's a shame this one isn't available on digital yet because we'd love to unleash this beast on a dance-floor!

"Keep Pushing" - Wade - Twisted Fusion

Wade is a favorite of ours here at Funky Fresh Fire. The Spanish maestro nails it out of the park on a regular basis with his long breaks and his incredible bass-lines. Can you say get-it? To be fair, it's hard to speak with an acid-dripped track as engaging as this one. 

"Make Me Moove ft. Lady Vale" - Sidney Charles - Moon Harbour

Oh wow, this is a neat one! The way the vocals phase in and out of the beat is liable to make you lose your mind. With a syncopating bass-line and steady high hats, this is a track that delivers on all fronts!


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