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It's festival season, and that means not only that the summer is about to get into full joyous motion, but it also means you might start looking for love, hopefully not in all the wrong places.

Music festivals are a great place to meet someone, no matter what phase of your mating ritual you might be in. Whether you are looking for a life partner (that's intense for a music festival, but we are not judging) or a "love the one you're with" type of adventure, festivals are a great place to meet kindred spirits.

Here are some simple rules that you should follow for the festival mating dance to stay out of trouble.


Don't give out your phone number or personal information right away.

This is a stranger, and you are not on an online dating site so use common sense. You have literally no idea who this person is aside from basic first impressions; everything is at face value at first so proceed with caution. Just because someone is attractive doesn't mean they aren't crazy or dangerous. If they ask for your phone number right away just turn it around and ask for theirs, if they are overly persistent or start to pressure you in an uncomfortable way it's time to pull the rip chord. Never give anyone your last name right away either, because stalking on social media is so easy your parents could do it, and no one needs a creepy online stalker.


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If you are too wasted, sober up a little.

This sounds like parental advice, but just visit any courtroom and listen to the testimony in most college rape cases and it will become crystal clear. If you are too intoxicated, you are a target for creeps, and you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable state. No one is saying buzzed make out sessions are bad, but wasted make out sessions can escalate very quickly and not always in a good way. If you have trouble getting out complete sentences, wobble when you walk and are disoriented it's time for a time out and some water to get you back to your senses.


Don't forget your friends

Finding a new makeout buddy is great, but not at the expense of alienating your friends. Be conscientious of how they are feeling and see if it's cool before fully diving into your new rave romance. If you rolled out to a festival with your homies, paid a lot of money to be there and then ditch them for a stranger that's not a good look and that's just also being a crappy friend.

Also, remember your friends should have your back, and you should have theirs in these types of situations. If you think Raver Roger is a bit creepy or Dubstep Debbie is a bit sketchy, keep an eye on them and warn your friends if you sense any weird behavior.

Hopefully, these little common sense reminders will help make your next festival fling a successful one and keep you out of weeds when trying to hook up. Our simple rule, if it looks sketchy, feels sketchy, it's probably sketchy.

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