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Photo by Clarissa Wong

I may be a laid back Santa Cruz beach kid, but even I need to be told to CHILL. And the person who tells me to do that most is my friend Clarissa. She is leaving me next week to start her next chapter in the PNW and I couldn’t be more sad but also more thankful for meeting her. She's the killer tiny shoulder dancer, she's the matchmaker who introduced me to my love, she has been my main PIC at countless concerts, fests and backyard boogies, she tells it like it damn is even though she's wrong and she is nothing but a good time. What more can you ask for in a friend? I love ya to bits CW and I dedicate this chart to you, ya little doingle.

“My Friends” KAYEX

Unknown Aussie duo ready to take the world by storm with one track and one track only with a funky Bob Moses flavor. The slow tempo builds perfectly up to that 1:00 mark when the groove smacks you upside the head like your mama when you got your elbows on the table. Calling it now, these guys are gonna be playing Splash House 2018 next year. You heard it here first.

“Little Voices” Lane 8, This Never Happened

Lane 8 is a young legend in the making, there is zero doubt about that. What I doubt at this point, is my ability to not pee my pants every time I hear even a hint of a new track or seasonal mix of his dropping. And don’t even get me sharted on what would happen if he releases a new album anytime soon.

“Mr. Rogers” Engelwood

Are you ready to take off that sweater, unlace those wingtips, slip on your Vans and pour a Fred worthy margarita because we’re about to enter the Land of Make Believe with this smoove as butter beat by Madison, Wisconsin’s Engelwood. There is a strong Nujabes and JDilla vibe to him no doubt and it’s obvious the ear is there. The man has some killer tags for his songs too, I especially like #nipple-wave for his dashingly jazzy tune “been missing you” off his recently released album Hotel Wave now available on however you get music.

“Oceans feat. Liu Bei” Way Out West, Anjunadeep

The UK mavericks Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff combine forces for Way Out West and the swimming pool vibes single off their upcoming Anjunadeep (of course) album Tuesday Maybe, has me even more excited for June poolside palomas. The textured glowing bliss build before the vocals hit could keep riding for another five minutes if it wanted to but once Liu Bei’s voice hits it gets even more mesmerizing.

“Rain” Wildlight (CloZee Remix), Jumpsuit Records

Your eyes will dialate, your hairs will raise and your heart will beat faster once you hear Ayla Nereo’s voice pulse through the speakers. She is one half of Wildlight, the other being David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador. This killer combo was recently recommended to me and I had to find a song for the chart. I just so happened to stumble upon this bewitching tribal remix by France’s CloZee and she has done a marvelous job stirring in the energy with bass, percussion and a little spice.

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“Love Song” Late Night Alumni (Kaskade Redux Mix), Arkade

Kaskade is a genius and I miss him. I miss his lack of shoes, I miss his little gap toothed smile, I miss gettin rowdy to his tunes. I think I am in major need of a reunion with him and my crew of Kaskade Krusaders. What I enjoy most of his at this moment in my life is his Redux work and this one is something special. He masterfully spreads the melodic deep house icing on this tasty cake by his former group and I can’t get enough of Becky’s intoxicating voice. YOWZA to all involved.

“Bellyache” Billie Eilish (Marian Hill Remix), Darkroom

The lovely Billie Eilish just got Marian Hilled the fuck out of. Guitar is traded for scintillating synths and way too cool bass that only the Philly duo could conjure. Marian Hill is #1 on the list of acts I want to see and they better get their ass to LA soon or I’m gonna call their moms.

“Sunny” Papa Ya (Evan Gartner Remix), Disco Wax

One of the hot hitmakers in dance music, Papa Ya is primed to really get launched with their single Sunny just recently being rereleased on Disco Wax and a summer tour in the works. This remix by Evan Gartner keeps that laid back coolness with some Future House elements layered in, a perfect concoction to get groovy to while sipping on that tasty tequila concoction you made. I am sensing big things on the horizon for this duo.

“Mind” Slow Magic feat. Kate Boy, Downtown Records

Two of my favorite indie electronic acts collabing for a churnin burnin volcano of a track? To that I say, CHYAAA!!! I love her voice, I love his dreamy synths and live drumming and I bet I would love this track played live. I am v jealous of a friend for getting to see Slow Magic open for ODESZA in a couple weeks at Red Rocks. The fox masked prodigy was one of the first to break the instrumental electronic seal and he remains one of its greats. Talk about energy, his act is explosive.

“Feel It Still” Portugal. The Man (Lido Remix), Atlantic Records

Portugal. The Man is one of the top 3 most underrated acts, especially to see live. Their last record and tour blew me away and they’re finally returning 3 years later with an evolved, catchy sound led by their single “Feel It Still.” Add a remix package by Lido, one of the HOTTEST acts in electronic and you got yourself a well oiled marketing machine to hype up the new album out June 16th. I’m way too excited and you should be too.


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