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It’s the female cannabis plant that produces the beautiful buds, or flower, that we all love to smoke during our seshes. This energy is harnessed and harvested in bountiful ways at one of the world’s finest cannabis grows, AlpinStash. Leading a team of ladies along with master cultivator Danny Sloat, sister Emily Sloat grew up in Boulder, immersed in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Like her older brother, she was raised hiking, fishing and playing in nature. But, after returning from art school in California, she witnessed Danny’s struggle with health issues treated by a bevy of prescription pain meds, and ultimately Danny’s strength in overcoming his ailments and a dependence on opioids through learning to cultivate cannabis. It was this process that encouraged Danny to develop AlpinStash and produce the cleanest, healthiest cannabis on the market. Emily joined AlpinStash in 2015 after a stint in the cannabis baking industry, bringing with her an affinity for art, natural healing, and plant cultivation. Leading the way in the craft cannabis movement, she now wears many hats at the company. MAGNETIC sat down with Emily Sloat to hear her five favorite songs to sesh to.

“Lotus Flower” by Radiohead

This is, easily, one of my favorite videos of all times. Every time I read the phrase, “dance like no one’s watching,” I think of Thom Yorke in the “Lotus Flower” video. This song feels to me like it’s about becoming the person you want to be and not the person other people see you as being. The lotus is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism; and it is a flower that only grows in mud. Buddhism is about acceptance and not coveting and the song feels like letting go. 

“Window Pane” by Opeth

I first heard this song around 2004, and this whole album became one of my favorites to listen to while chilling out, or trying to fall asleep. It’s remained in my top albums for a nice mellow sesh and painting. While possibly a little grim, I find the song to be absolutely beautiful and haunting in its instrumentation, as well as lyrical content. The song is about a time when the lead singer was on his way home from a pub and saw a face in a window, and what he thought maybe went on behind that window. 

“Be Good to Them Always” by The Books

The Books are a duo, and make some of the most layered and interesting music I have ever heard. I love these guys because you can listen to every song a hundred times and pick out something new on the hundred-and-first time. For me, this song is so easy to get lost in. I enjoy just sitting back and thinking about how all the sounds in the song are made individually, and how one would put them together to make cohesive music. I feel like every sound evokes an emotion and causes a rolling babel of feelings. 

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“Scraper” by Head Wound City

I’ve loved Head Wound City for years. They are fast and noisy and absolutely wonderful. They put out an album in 2005, and then a second one in 2016. My boyfriend and I got the new album the day it came out on vinyl. We smoked a big bowl and sat down and listed to the album all the way through, twice. This song is so freaking fun, and the video always makes me smile. Head Wound City was also one of the best concerts I’ve been to in the last five years. 

“Atlas” by Battles

I first heard this song in 2008 while playing the video game LittleBigPlanet. A fun and super catchy, upbeat song that always makes me feel lifted and energized. Battles is a band who plays live instruments along with effects. I was blown away when I first learned that the singer is actually singing during the whole song and that the song has a full set of lyrics. Another great and layered band that requires active listening to get the full story in their songs. 

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Photo of Emily Sloat by Emerald Lens

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