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Sabria Still is an entrepreneur, human rights advocate and product specialist at Metropolitan Wellness Center, a cannabis dispensary in Washington, D.C. Still shares her cannabis industry and political experiences through social media to educate and empower youth, encouraging them to be civically engaged with their public servants. Her mission? Inspire more leaders to address: human rights violations and diversity in the industry while developing sustainable practices.

In 2014, Still testified in support of the first draft of regulations set by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, supporting efforts to install a functioning state MMJ program. Engaging in the legislative process encouraged Still to volunteer for the Maryland chapter of NORML, eventually working with two Montgomery County Maryland delegates. Today, Still runs her consulting company, Cannabis Industry Advising, where she offers compliance education, event planning and promotion, as well as myth busting through visual arts.

Inspired by her cannabis know-how, MAGNETIC asked Still to share her top five tunes for your next sesh.

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“Mr. Magic (Through the Smoke)” by Amy Winehouse

I connected with Amy Winehouse's music around the time of my first heartbreak. I sought after the power of healing through music and ended up stumbling upon the history between cannabis and jazz/blues. Her music drew me in even more once I listened to the songs she wrote before the narcotics - before her marriage with the infamous Blake Fielder-Civil. Later in life, the lyrics to Mr. Magic gave me confidence in how I obtain balance and clarity. I'm one of those folks who plays their favorite song on repeat. I listened to her being blue without her green; her hands being made for him, often times visualizing my own Mr. Magic to see through the smoke.

“Bush Doctor” by Peter Tosh

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Peter Tosh starts “Bush Doctor” by reciting the Surgeon General's warning regarding our health and the use of cigarettes. He asks, "Doesn't that mean anything to you?" Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I ask that of someone I care for....The song then proceeds to be one of my favorite peaceful protests and pleas to end the blatant disregard for humans. Aside from this artist and song being a classic, Mr. Tosh set me on a journey to discover more reggae.

“Just What I Am” by Kid Cudi

I will never forget when this song came out and how many times my friend Berenice and I played puff, puff pass and karaoke in my spaceship. Indicud is easily my favorite Kid Cudi piece and the first album I bought on iTunes. This song has crazy vibrations and memories. The music video is riddled with majestic visuals and lyrics that captivated both myself and my best friend's moment in time at the end of 2012. Another one of those "On Repeat" songs that I always let Berenice know I'm still choking to five years later.

“Up” by Wiz Khalifa

Did Wiz put us all in a trance as he repeated, "Everything's better when you're high! If you don't smoke, I don't know why...." My dad even sings along and he's sober as a whistle. I highly doubt it. To this day, I haven't come up with an argument against everything being better when you're high. Big ups to this Kush and OJ track for saying what we're all thinking....

“High” by Big Sean feat. Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang

This is such a feel good song. A major throwback to the summer I graduated and was a little more carefree with my cannabis usage. By this time, I believed I was old enough to blast music that I could relate to at home. “High” is a good sing-a-long while you're rolling up, on the way to the session and even to wake and bake!

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