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In 2008, inspired by Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Matt McClain made his way to Los Angeles from Indiana and began creating sustainable hemp apparel. That’s when Recreator was born. More than just a fashion brand, McClain and his team are a part of a growing movement to overturn outdated laws restricting hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) production. Since commercial hemp farming remains illegal for most U.S. farmers, McClain imports fiber and fabrics. However, he’s advocating to grow and mill fabrics stateside, from seed to stitch. Whether used as food, fuel, plastics or fiber, hemp has thousands of applications for everyday use and deserves to be recognized for all of its amazing capabilities. Not to mention, hemp textiles perform well outdoors and help to conserve vital resources like soil and water, allowing us to enjoy nature while working with it. Impressed by the quality of Recreator’s clothing and the passion behind their mission, MAGNETIC asked McClain to share his favorite tunes for seshin’ out. Enjoy!

“4th Chamber” by Genius/GZA feat. Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest & RZA

I was drawn to the Wu Tang Clan early on, as they provided an alternative worldview to my suburban upbringing. When I was at Vanderbilt, we built a bar at our Deke fraternity house with a fish tank and sound system enclosed. Gza’s Liquid Swords album would often be on repeat for those Shaolin samples, wicked lyrics and bumping bass. Those poor tropical fish didn’t last long due to the sonic booms and blunts on rotation. We had a chance to see Ghostface and Killah Priest perform in DTLA a couple weeks ago. Wu Tang Forever, especially with Priest on the block on the daily.

“I No longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel III” by $uicide Boy$

My boy Jumbo Jett introduced me to the dark, grimy music of the $uicide Boy$ a couple years ago. I’ve been digging on their collaborations with Pouya, Getter and the crew for a minute, but the three-song new release of “I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel III” is now a staple in my rotation. With samples from Project Pat’s Ghetty Green and Tame Impala’s Currents, the $uicide Boy$ mix an eclectic array of tunes with their drug-induced Bone Thugs & Harmony style speedy mumble rap. New Orleans has always been one of my favorite U.S. cities, and these guys rep it to the fullest. The seven-minute track is perfect length for a Raw cone of that OG, or, at least, that’s how it usually works out for me.

“BBC Mix for Diplo and Friends” by Paper Diamond

I became familiar with Paper Diamond’s music through his art director Berk Visual. Now, we have the opportunity to work with both Berk and Alex on our Summer 2017 release, as they’re taking on the creative director roles for Recreator. With their background starting Elm and Oak in Colorado, these guys know the ins and outs of music, fashion, art and the festival circuit. I dig on a number of Paper Diamond mixes while printing up tee-shirts and creative brainstorming, but the one here for Diplo and Friends has got to be my favorite. With some of his own productions, staples from the EDM scene and tracks from Mr. Carmack, Yo Gotti and Future, it’s full of remixes and limited release bangers. Take this one on a drive down the 101, maybe after a dab of that live resin. Paper Diamond consistently takes it to new heights.

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“Trappin' in Heaven III Mix” by Emotional Tokyo

As an entrepreneur in the burgeoning cannabis industry, sometimes you just gotta grind out 12 to 15 hour days. With that kind of workload, you don’t have time to swap out tracks every four minutes. That’s why I prefer longer mixes from trusted DJs. For a lo-fi, downbeat alternative to the up-tempo mixes of Paper Diamond, I turn to the vaportrap selections of Emotional Tokyo, Axian and DJ Yung Vamp. These guys can keep you on the grind for hours, without thinking twice about loading up a new track. The latest installment of Emotional Tokyo’s Trappin’ in Heaven series just dropped, and I’ve already probably blown through an ounce of high-powered indica to it. Seemingly inspired by the early days of Swishahouse, Emotional Tokyo blends a downbeat mix of chopped and screwed classics with looped GIFs from anime flicks.

“Tears On The Backwood” by Drayco McCoy (prod. Rich Beatz)

We’re going to finish strong here with my favorite to roll up a Backwoods of that loud to. While he may be the most underground of the selections here, Fully Automatic Drayco a.k.a. Dracy McCoy is a mad talented up-and-coming MC. Hailing from the Hoosier state, we gotta show my hometown of Indianapolis (Circle City) some love. Drayco is part of the Ghost Gun Summer crew, signed to Rad Summer label ran by my H.S. homey DJ Action Jackson and Flufftronix. Collaborating with Sirius Blvck, Flaco and Oreo Jones, I’m proud to say these dudes have been holding down the Nap for a grip. With production from Rich Beatz, and set in the background of the Indiana woods, “Tears on the Backwood” is that perfect track to play while your Emo chick rolls one up. 

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