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All sorts of fun things going on...

Hospo have announced their latest endeavors into all things bright and anticipatory with their 'Hospitality Garden Party' at Studio 338.

Next week, I am attending my first ever Soul In Motion session. Will let you know what that's like.

To top it all off, cherry style, Sub Focus has released this bad boy:

"Don't You Feel It" - Sub Focus feat. Alma [EMI]

Hungry for more? YOU CAN'T HANDLE MORE!!!
Okay, go on, I'm sorry - you can.

"Ninja"- Agressor Bunx [Eatbrain]

Agressor Bunx blow my mind. They are so good and so underrated. I've picked Ninja but the whole 'Properties Of Addition' album is insanely good. Good enough for a hyperlink at the very can listen to more here.

"Robotic" - Cyantific [Viper Recordings]

Beefy monster from the London-based producer known for his 'masterful use of synths and trademark stomping drums'. Fun fact, Cyantific used to be two dudes and now he is one. 

"Oppression" - Disprove [Methlab Recordings]

Definitely dredging the darker depths of the drum and bass pond this week. Murky, murk, murkerson.

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"Easter Island" - Enei [Critical Music]

Dark and mysterious as the islands and Enei himself - the 'Wolfgang EP' is a good one. Enie we like the cut of your jib.

"Keep On Searching" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

Classy D&B tune from Brazilian ledge - with 3 more 'Alone In The Dark' EP's in the works, we're in for a triple treat.

"Love Troubles" - Hugh Hardie [Hospital Records]

Crank up your BBQ and get this on the speakers! HH playing the vibemaster with the first of the releases from debut full-length album, 'ColourSpace'.

"Dominator" - June Miller, James Marvel, MC Mota [RAM Records]

Oh my word. Been waiting impatiently for June Miller to come back into my life and what can I say but worth the feckin' wait! 

"Teddy's Song" - Teddy Killerz [RAM Records]

Described as 'slightly unhinged' by the professionals, new album, 'Nightmare Street' sits on the horizon and is a mix of everything you could damn well want for - dubstep, trap and Don genre - D& flippin' B

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