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Damn. by Kendrick Lamar

K Dot sits high atop his lofty throne that's soaring higher and higher. He surprised us all at the very beginning of April with "Humble" and then his album DAMN. has solidified his well-deserved status over and over.

What Now by Sylvan Esso

There is a whole lot of romancing that needs to be done with Sylvan Esso's What Now, and "Die Young" more specifically. Sylvan Esso are coming up in all the right ways. They better watch out or soon enough they'll be my favorite...

Electric Lines by Joe Goddard

I try to give people an exciting mix of something always going on rhythmically, melodically and vocally. Probably like a lot of people, I really like to sit down with headphones on, maybe get stoned, maybe just been drinking or whatever, and immerse myself in music and feel like I've been transported by it to somewhere. So the music I make, I try to make it an experience like that, which is like hopefully an awesome experience for the listener if they're really listening. - Joe Goddard 

Humanz by Gorillaz

I imagine you've encountered the hype surrounding the mixed media project that is Gorillaz. It's finally here, and it's very unique. It has its moments and it's a lot to digest, and it's got everyone including both your grandmother and the kitchen sink. 


Jamie xx Live from Brixton Academy | Night + Day

Yo, you've got hours and hours of my boy Jamie xx here. So, if anything else, use this here amazing long session mix from Jamie to inspire you to do work - be it actual, literal work or work on the dancefloor.

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War on Drugs "Thinking of a Place"

Move over, Bruce. Yeah, Bruce Springsteen, I AM TALKING TO YOU. War on Drugs always give me that Bruce vibe, and it's time the boss step aside and let these young whippersnappers do some WORK! It's as chill and groovy as a warm summer breeze.

Wild & Free "Moment"

Clap your hands and move them hips, Wild & Free have a groovy hit for you. It's summer in a song. So, get yourself into some bathing suits and press play on this bad boy poolside.

Clark "Peak Magnetic"

Strap in for Clark's sonic something that vascillates smoothly between magic and cinematic. I don't want to ruin the song's wonderfulness with anymore words. Yes, it's mysterious.

Phoenix "J-Boy"

The French Rockers are back, and back dancing! This one is Phoenix fun, and I can't wait for this album. If this is just a taste for the whole work's vibe, then they're back to do it right.

Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa "Bambro Koyo Ganda"

Oh baby, Bonobo's latest video does work. Beautifully shot and the song lingers with you, finding you in quiet moments. You might be in a DMV line or commuting, and then you'll just have to put this tune on.

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