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Interview: Who is Sean Turk and what is "Bedroom Bass"?

A new genre has finally emerged.
Sean Turk 2017

Sean Turk 2017

New York native Sean Turk, is fresh to the electronic music scene and already making headlines with his signature sound, Bedroom Bass. Turk has modernized his classical roots to provide listeners a sensual experience that encompasses funk, indie acoustic, and synthesized elements of RnB. These diverse ingredients combine to create harmonic concoctions that have restored hope in new electronic.  

So who is Sean Turk and what exactly is the future of this still-new genre? We sat down with the source to learn more. 

We've heard rumors you have an affinity for sneakers. What are your three favorite styles currently?

Haha, I'm definitely a huge sneakerhead. My top three must-cops at the moment are the Adidas Ultra Boost Cream 1.0's, the Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 997.5 Mykonos Collection and the KAWS x Nike Air Jordan 4's.

Why do you make music?

My goal in making music is to paint pictures for my listeners that force them to feel. It's a way for me to vibe with people who share my emotions.  

It's 2 AM and you just left a show in downtown Manhattan. What are you munching on?

I'm ubering straight to 52nd & 6th for Halal Guys.

Which artists influenced you growing up?

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I listened to a lot of RnB and boom bap back in the day. I still love Musiq Soul Child, and J Dilla is a legend in my book. 

How did you get into music?

When I was growing up my dad was constantly playing different instruments around me. I picked up violin and piano in fifth grade, joined my middle school orchestra, but ultimately realized I was a drummer. My mom wasn't a fan of that idea, but my dad set up drums in our garage anyway. I practiced on that set every single day. It helped me gravitate towards rhythms in general and then I started messing around in Garageband. In high school my homie Anthony exposed me to Reason and the rest is history.

Where do you want to take your sound?

I'm constantly changing my sound to try and improve. I think everyone always has room to grow which inspires me to keep expanding my horizons. I would love to eventually mesh live and virtual instruments for a unique shift.

What do you enjoy doing besides music?

Long walks on the beach. No, but seriously I love working on cars and modifying them.

Who are some artists that you'd like to collaborate with in the future?

Snakehips, Kaytranda, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Post Malone and Grey are definitely at the top of my list right now.

What are some tips you'd like to share with other rising producers?

ALWAYS work hard on your craft no matter how much you think you may know. The more knowledge you can gain the better. Be confident in your production and own your sh*t. Also, take a step back sometimes to appreciate how far you’ve come - there's not always going to be someone around to do that for you!

Sean Turk's latest official remix of CBVZ's "Be Like You" is out now on Ultra Records. 

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