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2 Ghost Ship Tenants Arrested

36 counts of manslaughter against the master tenant and the creative director.

The tragedy that befell Oakland late last year has had the music and art community reeling and reevaluating safety precautions at underground events. Following these events, two people have been arrested for various infractions that occurred at the Ghost Ship, both for the tenants and for the preparation of the event.

Master tenant Derick Almena and Ghost Ship creative director Max Harris have been hit with 36 counts of manslaughter. Almena is charged with these counts for allegedly encouraging the other tenants to use "nonconventional building materials" for their space, including flammable items like wood. 

The DA also continued to note- 

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“Almena substantially increased the risk to those living, working or visiting the building by storing enormous amounts of flammable material inside the warehouse. Residents reported that if they put anything in their individual living spaces that did not conform to Almena’s idea as to how the warehouse should look, he would order it to be removed.”

Harris, for his part, is allegedly the organizer of the event, and a major issue was when he blocked an exit, making only one exit possible for those upstairs. Of the 36 that died during the fire, 35 were upstairs. 

More information is sure to come in the coming months, but for now, Almena has been released on a $1 million bail. 

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