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Adelaide, Australia's Antigen née Daniel Claridge may have just given birth to a brand new sub-genre. The video centers around a group of samples pulled from everyday household objects. He was inspired by Bauer's worldwide search for strange and unique samples, however, without the available funds to follow in his footsteps, he got crafty. Armed with a GoPro and a microphone he set out to create his own bass banger, without ever leaving his driveway. 

Here's what Antigen had to say about creating this strange and wonderful video:

"I was primarily inspired by Baauer's short documentary 'Searching for Sound' where he traveled around the world searching for unique and never before used samples to put into a track of his. What he made from this sounded awesome, but I couldn't justify a world trip. I thought 'What can I do without traveling the world to take this another step?' I decided to make an electronic track with nothing but sounds I could find around my home, just as anyone else could do! with my GoPro and handheld microphone, I ran around the house making noise to see what sounded tight. Then it was just the challenge of listening to the samples I collected and trying to warp, bend and mash them into something everyone would be able to vibe as an electronic music track. I collated the video and put the track over it and it's done. I would love to see what others can do to build a complete EDM track from nothing but the everyday sounds around them too!"

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